Memphis International Raceway
2021 Bracket Points Series 
presented by COMP Cams 
General Information and Rules

The 2021 MIR Bracket Points Series presented by COMP Cams will feature Top, Mod, Sportsman, and Junior Dragster classes.

Section 1: Class Details

⦁ Top (also known as Super Pro, or Box)

Entry Fee - $60 (Double Entries are allowed, Time Permitting)

Buy Back - $35 1st and 2nd Round Buy Backs (Time Permitting).

Pay-out Structure

               <17 Entries 17-32 Entries 33-48 Entries 49-64 Entries 65+ Entries

Win 56% of entries $ 1,000.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 1,750.00 $ 2,000.00

R/U 24% of entries $ 350.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00 $ 600.00

Semis $ 100.00 $ 200.00 $ 200.00 $ 275.00

Qtrs $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 125.00

1/8's $ 50.00 $ 75.00

ET Break – 1/8 MILE (0-9.00) .500 Full Tree

Technical and Class Rules

Delay Boxes, Trans Brakes, Two Steps, and Playback Tachometers are permitted.

Air throttles used as launch control devices are permitted.

Factory (OEM) installed computers are permitted, but lap top computers are not allowed while in competition.

No Deep Staging - will red light DQ.

CrossTalk will be used in the TOP class.

⦁ Mod (also known as Pro, No Box)

Entry Fee - $50 (Double Entries are allowed, Time Permitting)

Buy Back - $25 1st and 2nd Round Buy Backs (Time Permitting).

Pay-out Structure

<17 Entries 17-32 Entries 33-48 Entries 49-64 Entries 65+ Entries

Win 56% of entries $ 750.00 $ 1,200.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 1,750.00

R/U 24% of entries $ 250.00 $ 400.00 $ 400.00 $ 500.00

Semis $ 75.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.00 $ 175.00

Qtrs $ 75.00 $ 75.00 $ 100.00

1/8's $ 50.00 $ 75.00

ET Break – 1/8 MILE (All Run) .500 Full Tree

Technical and Class Rules

No Electronics. This class will remain a true no box category.

The use of Delay Boxes is prohibited. If your car runs both Box and No Box, the Delay Box MUST be removed.

Electric and or pneumatic shifters are allowed.

Single stage line locks, two steps and trans brakes are permitted, Trans Brake or switch release must be of traditional mechanical / electrical means.

The use of pneumatic or hydraulic switches is prohibited.

Left hand steer roadsters allowed.

No dragsters or center steer roadsters.

Deep Staging is Allowed. DEEP MUST be written on ALL sides of the vehicle.

⦁ Sportsman

Entry Fee - $25 (Double Entries are allowed, Time Permitting)

Buy Backs - $15 1st and 2nd Round Buy Backs (Time Permitting).

Pay-out Structure

<9 Entries 9-16 Entries 17-32 Entries 33+ Entries

Win 56% of entries $ 150.00 $ 250.00 $ 500.00

R/U 24% of entries $ 50.00 $ 75.00 $ 150.00

Semis $ 25.00 $ 50.00 $ 100.00

Qtrs $ 50.00

ET Break – 1/8 Mile 7.49 and Slower .500 Full Tree

Data recorders, Delay Boxes, Trans-brakes, 4-wheel line locks and Nitrous Oxide prohibited.

Two-wheel line locks permitted on non-drive wheels only. Automated shifter: Prohibited unless OEM.

Throttle control: Throttle must be manually operated by the drivers foot. Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics or any other device may in no way affect the throttle operation. A fixed stop under carburetor or gas pedal is permitted. Throttle timers, staging controllers and counters prohibited.

Ignition: Stutter boxes prohibited. Single stage (high side only) rev limiters permitted. Starting line rev limiters prohibited. Two step rev limiter prohibited, any other rpm limiting devices installed so as to function as a down-track rpm controller are prohibited. Switches & buttons: All switches and/or buttons must be standard mechanical connection type..

DOT approved and Drag Radial permitted. No methanol Fuel, pump gas only.

The IHRA rulebook will be used as guidelines for the equipment and safety questions.

Trans-brakes MUST be removed from the vehicle.

Deep Staging is Allowed. DEEP MUST be written on ALL sides of the vehicle.

⦁ Junior Dragster

Entry Fee - $25

Buy Back - $10 1st and 2nd Round Buy Backs (Time Permitting).

Pay-out Structure (100% payback)

<9 Entries 9+ Entries

Win 70% 50%

R/U 30% 30%

Semis 20%

1/8 Mile (All Run) .500 Full Tree

IHRA Age ET breaks Enforced

⦁ For All Classes: Stutter Boxes, Timed Down Track Throttle Stops, and Wheel Pickup Sensing Devices are prohibited.


Part 1: IHRA Summit Team Finals | Division 2 (Heatwave)

⦁ Racers who participate in the 2021 MIR Bracket Points Series presented by COMP Cams and participate in a minimum of three (3) points races may be eligible to participate with Team Memphis at the 2021 IHRA Summit Team Finals. MIR will develop the team based on standing in points with each racer only eligible for one spot on a team per class. Each racer is also only eligible to participate on one team.

⦁ Team MIR will consist of the top 14 points finishers in Top, the top 14 points finishers in Mod, the top 5 finishers in Sportsman, the top 5 finishers in Junior Dragster, and 2 alternates from any class based on their interest as well as their finishing position in their respective classes, bringing the Team Roster to 40 members.

⦁ Two alternates will be chosen based on their interest and finishing position, for a total of 42 racers. The alternates will be able to participate in the time trials and bonus races, regardless if there are no scratches from the qualified team.

⦁ In order to participate in the 2021 IHRA Summit Team Finals, each racer must have an IHRA membership and “X” number prior to day 1 of Team Finals.

⦁ The champion in each class (Top, Mod, Sportsman, Jr. Dragster) at the IHRA Summit Team Finals, who also registered their membership and “X” number with IHRA before May 1st, 2021, will earn a spot at the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals. If a racers membership and “X” number expires between May 1st and Team Finals, they will be given a 14-day grace period to renew to maintain eligibility for World Finals.

If you plan to race at Team Finals, as well as race at World Finals if you win your class, MIR recommends that you make sure you have a current IHRA Membership and “X” number as early in the season as possible.

Part 2: IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals

⦁ The top finishing driver in each Points Series class with an IHRA “X” number will be named the Track IHRA Summit SuperSeries Champion and will be invited to the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals.

⦁ Only points earned while having an active and current IHRA Membership and “X” number will count towards qualification for the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals.

MIR recommends that you make sure you have a current IHRA Membership and “X” number as early in the season as possible to ensure all of your points count towards the Summit SuperSeries World Finals standings.


As a general rule, Memphis International Raceway follows the IHRA Rulebook, with very few exceptions. If you have a specific question or comment about the rules, please contact us at 901-969-7223 or email [email protected] any time.

Link to the latest rulebook and revisions: IHRA Rulebook (http://www.ihra.com/OnlineRulebook/)

Part 1: General Rules

⦁ Alcohol consumption by participants still in competition is strictly prohibited.

⦁ No alcohol is allowed in staging lanes or starting line area.

⦁ No glass bottles are allowed anywhere on track premises.

⦁ The speed limit in pit area and return road is 10 M.P.H.

⦁ No skateboards or roller blades are allowed in pit area.

⦁ Golf cart, 3 or 4 wheelers, and bicycles are to be used for race support only. NO Joy RIDING.

⦁ Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to operate any motorized vehicle.

Violators face immediate expulsion from the facility along with their race car and/or crew members, and will not receive any refunds of any sort.

Part 2: Points Series – Top (Super Pro/Box); Mod (Pro/No Box); Sportsman; Jr. Dragsters;

A: Enrollment, Car Numbers, and Points information

⦁ All drivers must have a permanent number registered with MIR to earn points.

⦁ If you begin a race with a number other than your registered number for points – you will not receive points for that race.

⦁ Registration forms for the 2021 Points Series will be distributed at the ticket booth upon entry, or will be available in the timing tower. Forms MUST be filled out completely, and submitted at tech with your tech card, or submitted in the timing tower PRIOR to the conclusion of the days race in order to receive points for that race.

⦁ Drivers in all classes are advised to purchase an IHRA competition number and membership. If a driver chooses not to purchase an IHRA number, MIR will assign you a permanent number. Only Driver’s with an IHRA License and “X” number will be eligible for the Summit SuperSeries Team/World Finals at the conclusion of the season. The license must be current for each race. See Section 2 of this rulebook for more details.

⦁ Points are earned according to the number displayed on the vehicle. Should a driver change vehicles during the season, his or her permanent number must be on the new vehicle.

⦁ Car Numbers and Dial-ins MUST be displayed on all sides of the vehicle.

⦁ Points will be earned in all classes during events listed on the current track schedule as “points races.”

⦁ Points will be awarded to the driver and car number. Combination points cannot be transferred, even if the driver changes classes.

⦁ Points will be accumulated each race on the schedule. The driver who earns the most points in each class will be named the Memphis International Raceway Track Champion.

⦁ Any ties in points standings will be decided by the following criteria:

⦁ Most races attended

⦁ Race wins

⦁ First race win

⦁ Highest race finish

⦁ Highest race finish first.

⦁ Points & Purse Policy for Curfew or Weather Shortened Events – An event is defined as “COMPLETED” at the conclusion of the first round in all classes (not including re-entry). Purses are then divided between all active drivers still in the competition. Points will also be awarded in each round for all classes. If the event would happen to be canceled (due to weather or any other circumstance beyond our control) in the middle of a class, points will then be awarded up until the last fully completed round of competition.

⦁ 2021 Points will be earned as follows in all classes:

20 points for Round 1 appearance

10 points for each round win

Runner-up: One (1) extra point

Winner: Two (2) extra points

Example: 7 round race winner no buy back 92-point, 7 round race winner with buy back 82 points

B: Double Entries

⦁ Double Entries will be available (time permitting, at the discretion of the Race Director) in Top, Mod, and Sportsman categories only.

⦁ If you double enter a class, you accept the responsibility of not holding up the flow of the race. It is highly recommended that you have your first entry at the front lanes as one of the first cars down the track for each round so that you do cause substantial downtime while waiting on the second entry.

⦁ We will give those who are double entered a maximum of 10 minutes from the time their first entry leaves Time Slips to the time that they need to have their second entry in the lanes. If the second entry has not made it to the staging lanes in the allotted amount of time, we will continue to run the race and you will be eliminated from that round.

⦁ Once your second entry is in the lanes, we will give you time to check tire pressure, adjust fire suit, change numbers if needed, etc.

⦁ Should the Race Director determine that a racer has disrupted the flow of the race due to a double entry, the second entry may be considered eliminated from the current round of competition at the sole discretion of the Race Director.

C: Buybacks

⦁ Buybacks will be available (time permitting, at the discretion of the Race Director) for First and Second round (again, time permitting, at the discretion of the Race Director) in Top, Mod, Sportsman, and Jr. Dragster categories.

⦁ Buybacks MUST be purchased prior to the upcoming round - i.e. – all round one buy backs must be registered before the start of round two, all round two buy backs must be registered before the start of round three.

⦁ Buybacks go directly into the next round.


A: General Procedures

⦁ All Point Series races are scheduled to have 2 Time Trials and 2 Rounds of Buybacks. However, instances including weather, oil downs, and other delays may cause MIR to adjust Time Trials and/or Buybacks as needed in order to conclude the race and crown a winner in the most time efficient way as possible. These decisions are at the sole discretion of the Race Director, who will provide as much advance notice of the decision as possible within the given circumstances.

⦁ 1-car 1-driver double entries in each eliminator class will receive 1 run per Time Trial.

i.e. if you have 2 entries (7X16 and 7X16x) in the same car, you will make one pass in Time Trial 1, and one pass in Time Trial 2.

*This rule will not apply to 2-car 1-driver double entries, each car will receive 1 pass per Time Trial. It is YOUR responsibility to not hold up the flow of the race.

⦁ If you miss a round of time trials or qualifying, there will be no make up or clean up sessions.

⦁ Tech will be done at the tech shack next to the fuel station. You MUST stop by tech, receive a run sticker and turn in your tech card BEFORE you will be allowed to make run down the track. NO EXCEPTIONS

⦁ No driver may change vehicles once eliminations have begun. Once a car has committed to a lane for round 1 (see Section B: Staging Lanes and Pairings, Item 4) – there can be no car change. A driver may change vehicles before eliminations have begun, race officials must be notified of change, and the new vehicle must pass tech inspection prior to going down the track. No additional Time Trials will be provided for a new vehicle, if Time Trials have concluded for the class, the new vehicle will go straight into Round One.

⦁ LICENSE RUNS: We have always supported our license applicants by offering drivers unlimited access to the track, and we will continue to do so during open test n tune events. However, on race days, they will have to adjust. At Bracket events, once we start eliminations, license runs will not be allowed until AFTER 3RD ROUND.

⦁ TIME TRIALS ONLY & EXHIBITION RUNS: For those who are not participating in the Bracket Racing series and are just present for test hits, you will receive a maximum of 3 hits. For those who are making exhibition passes, we will not take extra time to specially prep the track for you. NO EXCEPTIONS.


B: Staging Lanes and Pairings

⦁ Classes will be called to specific lanes during all Time Trials, Qualifying, and Elimination rounds. When you hear your class called, come to the assigned lanes as soon as possible.

⦁ Never block the entrance of the staging lanes with your race car, trailer or pit vehicle. Please stay with your car at all times while in the staging lanes. This staging lanes & pairing policy applies to all E.T. classes (Top, Mod, Sportsman, & Junior Dragster).

⦁ Odd numbered staging lanes will be for the Left lane, and even numbered staging lanes will be for the Right lane.

⦁ In Eliminations, once your car enters the assigned staging lanes and comes to a stop in that lane, you are committed to that lane. There is no switching lanes or moving in front of another racer.

⦁ In the instance where we have a single line of racers who all want the same lane in Time Trials, the head staging official will ask for volunteers to run the opposite lane. If not enough racers volunteer to run the opposite lane, the head staging official will then assign the necessary number of racers to the opposing lane. The only time we will run singles in Time Trials is if there is an odd number of cars or if there is someone running for their IHRA License.

⦁ In the instance where we have a single line of racers who all want the same lane in Eliminations, the head staging official will pair the cars up, front to back, and draw cards for lane choice. Ace is low.

⦁ You are considered a pair once the pair is declared by the head staging official.

⦁ Dial-ins cannot be changed once the driver pulls past the yellow line at the head of the staging lanes.

⦁ If you are unable to fire your car and make a run down the track once you are considered paired with a competitor, that run is considered a “Broke Bye,” or “Competition Bye.” Once your competitor is under the Tower and is next in line to pull into the Water Box, or if they are in the Water Box, you have a maximum of 60 seconds to start your car and proceed to the Water Box before you will be disqualified for the round. If your car gets to the Water Box and shuts off for any reason, you have a maximum of 30 seconds to start your car and proceed to the Starting Line before you will be disqualified for the round.

⦁ In the event that you reach the Water Box and are no longer paired correctly, do not start your burnout. Grab the attention of the Water Box personnel and tell them you are not paired correctly so that the issue can be resolved.

⦁ In the event of any major delay, the Race Director, at their sole discretion, may allow dial-ins to be changed.

⦁ Refusal of the commands of the head staging official is grounds for expulsion from the event without refund for the driver along with their race car and/or crew.

C: Bye Runs

⦁ Bye runs will be pulled every round.

⦁ In the first round of eliminations, the bye run will be randomly determined by playing card draw. 10 cards, A-5 red and black. Red card is right lane, number determines which car will have the Bye. Ace is considered a 1.

i.e. If the Red Ace is drawn, the car at the front of lane 2 (right lane) will be pulled out of line for the wait-and-see bye.

⦁ For round 2 and beyond, the bye car is determined by the best winning reaction time from the previous round.

⦁ If multiple cars have identical reaction times, the first car with the best winning reaction time will get the Bye.

⦁ An entry cannot have the Bye twice, unless all remaining entries have also had a Bye. The Bye will be given to the next eligible entry.

⦁ Any unused Bye will carry over to the next round.

D: Starting Line Procedures

⦁ Courtesy Staging is in effect and strictly enforced throughout the entirety of every race. If a car turns on both the Prestage and Stage beams before their competitor has Prestaged, both cars will be backed out in order to start the staging process over. If a racer violates the Courtesy Staging process two (2) times on the same run, they will be disqualified from that round and their competitor will continue on to the next round.

⦁ For the classes that allow Deep staging (Mod, Sportsman, Jr. Dragster), you must have DEEP written on all 4 sides of your vehicle. It is the driver’s responsibility to get in deep, not the starter’s responsibility.

⦁ It is the driver’s responsibility to check that their dial-in is correct on the boards. If your dial-in is wrong, do not prestage your car and get the attention of a track official. If you prestage your car with the incorrect dial-in, there will not be a rerun. ONCE YOU PULL INTO THE PRESTAGE, YOU ACCEPT ALL CONDITIONS OF THE RACE. THERE WILL BE NO RE-RUNS FOR A WRONG DIAL-IN, NO EXCEPTIONS.

⦁ If a driver rolls through the beams while attempting to stage, they are immediately disqualified. If both drivers roll through the beams before the tree is activated, both drivers will be disqualified. The exception to a double disqualification is if it is easily determined which driver committed the foul first. Then, the driver who rolled through second will advance to the next round. The final decision will be at the discretion of the Race Director.

⦁ The “Worst or First” rule is in effect for every round of eliminations.

E: Jr. Dragster Specific Rules

⦁ All Jr. Dragster competitors entered will be given a maximum of two (2) qualifying sessions - cars must run in at least one of these sessions.

⦁ There will be 1 class of Juniors, it will be an all run bracket style race.

⦁ All Jr. Dragster pairings other than the final round will be done by chip draw in the lanes. That draw will determine pairings, run order, and lane assignments. Final round lane choice will be determined by the best reaction time from the previous round.

⦁ Jr. Dragster crew members will fire the car up when the two (2) cars before them have pre-staged.

⦁ A maximum of two (2) “push-backs” and one (1) engine restart will be allowed prior to staging.

⦁ Once the dragster has lit the pre-stage bulb, no crewmember will be allowed to touch the vehicle, other than to turn on a data switch. If a crew member touches the car in any capacity once the prestage is on, the car will be disqualified.

⦁ Jr. Dragster drivers may not change their dial-in after the first pair of Jr.’s have staged.


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