MIR COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

Memphis International Raceway (MIR) reserves the right to enforce the following rules and regulations as safety conditions require.  All policies described below are effective January 1, 2014.

Everyone entering the facility must have an Event Ticket.  All tickets are based on customer’s age – adults are required to have an adult ticket; junior or child tickets are age specific.  Any ticketed customer leaving the facility must have a handstamp or wristband to re-enter the facility upon return.  Any customer leaving the facility and not obtaining a handstand (wristband) or refusing to obtain a handstand (wristband) will not be given re-entry access to the facility without the purchase of an event ticket.  Previously stubbed or redeemed tickets will not be valid for re-entry without proper handstand (wristband).

No outside food, beverage or coolers (soft or hard side).The exception is food for infants / toddlers or medicine that must be kept chilled.  All on-site food & beverage is sold by MIR or an MIR authorized vendor – any non-authorized vendor selling food & beverage on site will be removed from the facility without refund of admission ticket.

Customers are permitted to carry a bag into the facility – the bag cannot contain food & beverage, glass containers or other items deemed dangerous. All bags are subject to search.

Customer pets are not permitted on MIR property with the exception of service animals. Participants may be accompanied by pets with the following guidelines understood:

a. Must be kept in participants vehicle as much as possible and not pose a threat to others
b. When outside the participants vehicles, pets must be on a leash
c. Waste left by a participants pet must be cleaned up and disposed of properly immediately
d. Any complaints regarding the pet will result in the participant being asked to find alternate kenneling location.

The following items are prohibited from entering MIR facility:

a. Illegal / controlled substance
b. Firearms or weapons of any kind
c. Glass containers of any kind
d. Alcoholic beverages
e. Coolers hard or soft side
f. Backpacks with or without wheels larger than 24” long and 15” wide and 18” high

Pit vehicles – Designated as any wheeled vehicle used to convey Pit/Racer personnel to and from the race starting line and pitThese vehicles include, but are not limited to:  Golf Carts, Scooters, Bicycles, Mini Bikes, etc.  The following guidelines must also be followed:

a. Pit vehicles are restricted to licensed drivers only
b. Pit vehicles are restricted to the Event area as determined by MIR staff
c. Pit vehicles are not allowed into any Customer parking areas
d. Pit vehicle speed are not to exceed 10 miles per hour in designated areas
e. Rider capacity must not exceed manufacturer’s recommendation and every rider must have a designated seat

The following vehicles types are prohibited on MIR property at all times:

a. Skateboards
b. “Razor” style scooters
c. Inline / Roller skates
d. Wheeled sneakers AKA “Healies”
e. Wagons


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Thursday, June 2nd
Traction Optional (Oval Lot)
Friday, June 3rd
Mayhem In Memphis Car Show & Grudge Race
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Saturday, June 4th
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Thursday, June 9th
Midnight Madness
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Friday, June 10th



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