What You Need to Know: 2021 IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals

Monday, October 11, 2021
MILLINGTON, Tenn. - The premier grassroots drag racing series in North America takes center stage at this weekend’s International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Summit SuperSeries World Finals at Memphis International Raceway, October 14-16.

Catch all the action live on MotorMania TV on IHRA.com Friday and Saturday to see who will be crowned a 2021 Summit SuperSeries Champion.

The Weekend:

Track: Memphis International Raceway - 5500 Victory Ln, Millington, TN 38053

Event Date: Thursday, October 14 - Saturday, October 16

- Early Credential Arrival and Parking: 4 pm – 11 pm
     o Racer Gate Entrance: Gate 3

- Credentials and Parking: 8 am - 11 pm
     o Racer Gate Entrance: Gate 3
- Tech Open: 8 am - 9 pm
- SSS Competitors Only Test & Tune ($50): 12 pm - 6 pm
- Golf Cart Race: Following T&T

- Credentials Open: 8 am - 9 pm
      o Racer Gate Entrance: Gate 3
- Tech Open: 8 am - 9 pm
- Qualifying (1 session): 10 am
- Race Of Champions: Following Qualifying Session
- Pit Party: 8 pm Food Trucks & DJ

Friday Entry and Prizes
- HalfScale Junior Race of Champions: $60 entry
     o $1,000 winner, $500 runner-up, $200 semi
-Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman Race of Champions: $60 entry
     o $1,000 winner, $500 runner-up, $200 semi
- Hagerty Mod Race of Champions: $60 entry
     o $1,000 winner, $500 runner-up, $200 semi
- Moser Engineering Top Race of Champions: $60 entry
     o $1,000 winner, $500 runner-up, $200 semi

- God Speed Church Service: 8 am
- Participant Credentials Open: 8 am
     o Racer Gate Entrance: Gate 3
- Tech Open: 8 am
- Summit SuperSeries Qualifying (1): 10 am
- SSS Eliminations: Following Qualifying Session

Saturday Prizes
- TOP: $20,000 winner + Aruba trip, $7,000 runner-up, $1,300 5th RD, $700 4th RD, $600 3rd RD, $500 2nd RD, $300 1st RD
- MOD: $20,000 winner + Aruba trip, $7,000 runner-up, $1,300 5th RD, $700 4th RD, $600 3rd RD, $500 2nd RD, $300 1st RD
- JR: $10,000 winner + Aruba trip, $4,000 runner-up, $800 5th RD, $600 4th RD, $500 3rd RD, $400 2nd RD, $300 1st RD
- SPORTSMAN: $7,000 winner + Aruba trip, $4,000 runner-up, $800 5th RD, $600 4th RD, $500 3rd RD, $400 2nd RD, $300 1st RD

- All competitors get $300 in tow money, winners receive the ultimate experience thanks to Around Aruba Tours
- All World Champions receive an IronMan trophy, and a Ring and Gold card


The IHRA live stream of the Summit SuperSeries World Finals will start at 10 am on Friday and Saturday. Click the link on IHRA.com to watch the livestream broadcast by MotorMania TV, brought to you by Summit Racing Equipment, Moser Engineering, Hagerty Insurance, and Sunoco Race Fuels.


- All Classes: Stutter boxes, timed down track throttle stops, on-board computers, and wheel pickup sensing devices are prohibited.
- TOP (0-9.00): Delay boxes, trans brakes, two steps, playback tachometers, and nitrous are permitted. Air throttles, used as launch control devices, are permitted. Factory (OEM) installed computers will be permitted, but laptop computers are not allowed while in competition.
- MODIFIED (All Run): Delay boxes, air throttles, and starting line enhancers are prohibited. Trans brakes, two steps, automated shifters, and nitrous are permitted. Delay boxes are not allowed to remain in the vehicle.
- SPORTSMAN (7.50 & Slower, Door Cars Only): Delay boxes, air throttles, starting line enhancers, trans brakes, two steps, buttons on the steering wheel and nitrous are prohibited. Slicks, headers, and line locks in the burnout process are only permitted. Throttle must be manually operated by the driver’s foot. Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, or any other device may in no way affect the throttle operation. A fixed stop under a carburetor or gas pedal is permitted. Automated shifter prohibited unless OEM.
- JUNIORS (All Run): Dial ins must be on vehicle. No holding up dial in boards. Tire covers must be removed by IHRA appointed ready line. All IHRA junior rules apply per the competitor's license level and as written in the IHRA rulebook.

Any vehicle entered in competition may only be driven by one driver and may only go down the track once per round regardless of class.


General Rules

• The Summit SuperSeries World Finals will be run on an 1/8 mile format.
• First round bye determined by best reaction time from qualifying, ties broken by first to accomplish. Further rounds are reaction time in previous round, ties broken by package, then first to accomplish. Bye runs do NOT carry over but may be re-earned.
• Courtesy staging is mandatory in all classes. Deep stagers will courtesy stage by lighting both pre-stage and stage bulbs if “DEEP” is clearly marked on all sides of the vehicle. Deep staging is the sole responsibility of the driver.

For more information about the 2021 IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals visit IHRA.com.

For more information about Memphis International Raceway’s upcoming schedule visit RaceMIR.com or call 901-969-7223.
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