The 33rd Annual Super Chevy Show Recap

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

MILLINGTON, Tenn.- The 33rd annual Super Chevy Show took place April 5 to 7 at Memphis International Raceway this year showcasing beautiful cars and exciting racing.

The car show was judged by national judges who travel with the Super Chevy Show and, with the number of cars on display, it proved to be a tough job deciding the winners. 

The 33rd annual Super Chevy Show also featured an exciting pro show featuring the Jet Funny Cars of Top Secret and First Strike, dazzling wheelies by Richard Hutchins in his world-famous Chevy Rebellion wheelstander, Midwest Nostalgia Pro-Stocks and the Dixie Door Slammers. 

The 33rd Annual Super Chevy Show Car Show Awards

Gold Class Cars Stock

Steve Jones, Jasper, Ala.

Mick Price, Atwood, Ill.

Gold Class Cars Modified

Rickey Ransome, Coldwater, Miss.

S.U.V. Stock

Winner- Ron Spooler, Cape Girardeau, Ill. 

Outstanding- Sandra Bullock, Moscow, Tenn.

S.U.V. Street

Winner- George Moore, Nesbit, Miss.

Outstanding- Dustin Bailey, Bartlett, Tenn.

Truck ‘88-Newer

Winner- John Jean Foster, Ferryville, Ark.

Outstanding- Kyle Wibbenmeyer, Maryland Heights, Mo.

Truck ’88- Newer

Winner- Bobby Van Wart, Arlington, Tenn.

Outstanding- Jim Caldwell, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Truck ’73-’87 Street

Winner- Clyde Shafer, Metropolis, Ill.

Truck ’73-’87 Modified

Winner- Michale Cole, Jackson, Tenn.

Outstanding- Calvin Hill, Oxford, Miss.

Truck ’48-’72 Modified Step

Winner- Bobby Van Wart, Arlington, Tenn.

Outstanding- Trent Blue, Madisonville, Ky.

Truck ’48-’72 Modified Step

Winner- Chris Choate, Mason, Tenn. 

Outstanding- Rick Cordell, West Memphis Ark.

Truck ’48-’72 Modified Fleets

Winner- Curt Davis, Germantown, Tenn.

Truck ’48-’72 Stock

Winner- Kerrie Bullock, Moscow. Tenn.

Outstanding- Max Stitos, Millington, Tenn.

Truck ’48-’72 Street

Winner- Alan Berry, Jasper, Ala.

Outstanding- David Rilley, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Truck ’48-’72 Modified Steps

Winner- Lee Styes, Sardis, Miss.

Outstanding- Curt Sines, Arlington, Tenn.

Truck ’48-’72 C.O.E.

Winner- Gary and Laura Land, Collierville, Tenn.

‘57 Only Mod

Winner- Mark Silverbours, New Jersey

Outstanding- Bobby Van Wart, Arlington, Tenn.

’55-’56 Modified

Winner- Bobby Van Wart, Arlington, Tenn.

Outstanding- Greg Flener, Madisonville, Ky.

’55-’56 Street

Winner- Gene Stills, Slaughters, Ky.

Nova ’68 & Newer Street

Winner- Larry Shoemaker, Creal Springs, Ill. 

Outstanding- Danny Hart, Arlington, Tenn.

Nova ’62-’67 Modified

Winner- Lisa Tracey, Millington, Tenn.

Nova ’62-’67 Street

Winner- Everett Sumners, Mason, Ark.

Outstanding- Shane Rhyne, West Memphis, Ark.

Nova ’68 & Newer Modified 

Winner- Mike Meyers

Camaro ’10 & Newer

Winner- Ruth Woodridge, Killen, Ala. 

Camaro ’82-’92 Stock

Winner- Randy Darnell, Mayfield, Ky.

Outstanding- Louis Martin, Memphis, Tenn.

Camaro ’93-’02 Street

Winner- Norma Miller, Farmington, Ky.

Camaro ’93-’02 Stock

Winner- Rhonda Darnell, Mayfield, Ky. 
Camaro ’70-’81 Street

Winner- Mark Kurtz, Hanson, Ky.

Outstanding- Chris Brisco, Madison, Tenn.

Camaro ’70-’81 Stock

Winner- Joe Todd, Herber Springs, Ark. 

Outstanding- Bill Horne, Bartlett, Tenn.

Camaro ’82-’82 Street

Winner- David Boudrea, Paragould, Ark. 

Camaro ’67-’69 Stock

Winner- Bart Wilkins, Millington, Tenn.

Outstanding- Ronnie Rushton, Brandon, Miss. 

Camaro ’67-’69 Stock

Winner- Chuck Cimera, Mt. Vernon, Ill. 

Camaro ’70-’81 Modified

Winner- Shawn Rhyne, Marion, Ark.

Camaro ’67-’69 Modified

Winner- Sonya & Bobby Grillian, Arlington, Tenn.

Outstanding- Donald Fowler, Burlington, Tenn.

Camaro ’67-’69 Street

Winner- Lynn Milam, Atoka, Tenn. 

Outstanding- Chad Cordell, Marion, Ark.

Camaro ’67-’69 Street

Winner- Mark & Claudia Bremer, Benton, Ark.

Outstanding- Mark Thomas, Bartlett, Tenn.

Monte Carlo Street

Winner- Kyle Wibbenmeyer, Maryland Heights, Mo.

Monte Carlo Stock

Winner- Paul Ferguson, Arlington, Tenn.

Big Car Modified

Winner- Vanessa Van Wart, Arlington, Tenn.

Big Car Street

Winner- Frank Millington, Senatobia, Miss. 

Big Car Stock

Winner- Mark Stits, Millington, Tenn.

GM Modified

Winner- Vanessa Van Wart, Arlington, Tenn. 


Winner- Jim Schiela, Horn Little, Miss.


Winner- Marcus Andrews, Tumbling Shoals, Ark. 

Pro Street

Winner- Bart Wilkinson, Millington, Tenn. 

Chevelle ’68 & Newer Modified

Winner- Paul Shea, Memphis, Tenn. 

Outstanding- Billy & Joy Golden, Lakeland, Tenn.

Chevelle ’68 & Newer Street

Winner- Jeremy Le Sueur, Eads, Tenn. 

Outstanding- Jimmy Jones, Brandon, Miss. 

Chevelle ’68 & Newer Stock

Winner- Kenny Park, Bartlett, Tenn. 

El Camino Street

Winner- Mark Sandlin, Brighton, Tenn.

Chevelle ’64-’67 Modified

Winner- Adam Malmquest, Ceuterton, Ark. 

Outstanding- David Patterson, Manford, Tenn. 

El Camino Stock

Winner- Clyde Blaylock, West Memphis, Ark. 

Corvette ’84-’96 Modified 

Winner- Bob Stutzman, Paris, Tenn.

Corvette ’05- Current Stock

Winner- Charles Brisco, Madison, Tenn.

Outstanding- Frank Russell, North Little Rock, Ark. 

Corvette ’05- Current Street

Winner- David Pierce, Sherwood, Ark. 

Corvette ’53-’67 Street

Winner- Chuck Martin, Brunswick, Tenn. 

Corvette ’53-’67 Modified 

Winner- Joan Tucker, Conway, Ark. 

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