Medicine als post-stroke aphasia, cramp relief dementia
Medicine als post-stroke aphasia, cramp relief dementia

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The memory problems can be so severe that they interfere with normal functioning and are then called dementia— more common in older stroke survivors. You may experience memory problems after a stroke. Informational: memory of information and skills or trouble learning new things.
How do you increase aphasia after a stroke? The recommended treatment for aphasia is usually speech and language therapy. Sometimes aphasia improves on its own without treatment. This treatment is carried out by a speech and language therapist (SLT). If you were admitted to hospital, there should be a speech and language therapy team there.
How do you communicate with someone who can't speak? Stick to one topic at a timeand make sure you both know when you've moved on to another. Use whatever you can – point to things, make gestures, write, draw, hum or sing. Talk naturallyabout things that you're both interested in. Listen– good communication is as much about listening as it is talking.




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